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Frequently asked questions

We only dye British wool yarns. There are over 70 native breeds of sheep in the UK, and we feel strongly about using local, sustainable wool. That means you won’t find any Merino here! We mostly dye Bluefaced Leicester as it is soft, strong and bouncy – a versatile all-rounder. It also takes dye beautifully. We have sourced Jacob wool from a single farm in the Malvern Hills. It’s a true heritage breed and the yarn is full of character.

We get asked this often due to the earthy and natural looking shades in our palette! We use professional acid dyes, as it gives us the most reliable and consistent results – something we pride ourselves on. Becci measures everything very carefully to ensure that all the dye is bonded to the yarn, we never throw waste dye into the waterways.

We really do! Our narrowboat has a kitchen the same size as what you’d find in a small flat. We have to be very organised with clearing food things away before dyeing, and vice versa when we need to eat. Over time, we’ve developed some excellent processes that allow us to dye as much yarn as possible in a small space. When the weather is fine, we hang the yarn to dry off the side of the boat and during the winter months, we dry the yarn by the wood-burning stove.

Yes, you can! Bluefaced Leicester wool has a long, strong staple, unlike Merino which is short and very fine, so it doesn’t need to be blended with nylon for additional strength. Our BFL 4 Ply is a traditional smooth yarn with 4 plies, making it very hardwearing. This means you get all the benefits of wearing wool on your feet, with no compromise.

Yes. As long as you can provide an address, we can ship there! We send all our parcels via Royal Mail. If you would like more information, please visit our Shipping Policy page.

Every item listed in our online shop is ready to ship unless otherwise stated. We aim to ship within 1 – 2 business days of your order being placed. Arrival time depends on destination, please check our Shipping Policy for more information.

Please wait for 15 business days after you receive your shipping notification before contacting us. Royal Mail won’t accept claims for lost parcels before then, so we can’t investigate until that point. You can email us at info@riverknits.co.uk and we will respond to your message within 1 – 2 business days.

If you would like one of our regular colourways, including any of the 76 semi-solid mini skein colours, on a different yarn base we can almost certainly do that. Just send us a message on info@riverknits.co.uk detailing the colourway, yarn base and quantity required.

We’ll get back to you with a quote and a time frame for dyeing your yarn. We require payment in advance for all custom orders.

Custom orders that include development work will be accepted at our discretion, mostly depending on whether it is something we think we can do and if we have time spare for development.

We are open to supplying wholesale. If you run a yarn shop and would like to stock our yarn, please get in touch via email and we will send you a copy of our terms.